The more we understand ourselves,

the more meaningful our lives become.

In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, there is an advanced practice called Vajrayana, which roughly translates to "The Diamond Path". Thanks to the dissemination of Tibetan culture, and the lineage of teachers who have kept this tradition alive, we have a rare and valuable opportunity to study and practice this masterful resource. This book outlines and unpacks the preparatory stages of these teachings with profound lucidity in language and concepts relevant to contemporary culture – and is a consolidation of the materials contained in this site.

It's no secret – becoming diamond-like requires intense training. Through immense pressure, heat, and time, raw carbon is transformed into a diamond: the hardest, clearest, and most brilliant substance on Earth. Ordinarily, we interpret the world as it appears to our five senses – accepting the data as fact. However, the "Vajra View" offers a more exciting possibility: to transform the habit of "ordinariness" into a perspective that is inconceivably magical, blissful, and meaningful.

May you benefit from these teachings,

so that one day you may light the way for another.